Monopoly is one if the popular and easy game available in kiss918. It is very easy to play and earn the money with interesting background music and all. Once player is aware of the rules it is an amazing game to play an earn the money which is very easiest and simpler way.


Monopoly board consists of five spinning reels and three horizontal rows. The game consists of different symbols like ship dog and car. There are other letter symbols like number 10 letters like K, A,Q ,J. The suit consists of different options. On the left side of the board there are + and – symbols to alter the bet amount and stake amount is also displayed.  Right side of the table consists of help option auto play, play big bet and spin options. Down of the table there is a display of balance amount and total win.


There are 20 different patterns of pay lines which make the player to win more amount. If you get wild card 5 times player get an amount of 2000 for 4 times 600 and for 3 times 160. For 5 doll symbols player will get 2000 and 600 for 4 times, 160 for 3 times. For ship symbol player get an amount of 1000 for 5 times, 300 for 4 times, 120 for 3 times. The car symbol will give 500 for 5 times 200 for four times and 80 for 3 times. For cat symbol 400 for 5 times, 160 for 4 times, 60 for 3 times. Dog symbol is the least money gaining symbol if the player gets 5 times wins an amount of 300, 120 for 4 times, 40 for 3 times. The letters combination also has pay lines.  There are three bonus winning options they are progressive win multiplier epic wins and persisting wild big event. For progressive win multiplier for every spin, it gets multiplied by 1 time and can win up to 5 times. In an epic win, there is a 5× multiplier. 3 or more event symbols, the end of the 5 spins will trigger the wild big event. If the player gets a big event bonus three times it activates the big event bonus. For four times activates big event bonus with house sneak preview. For five times activates big event bonus with hotel sneak preview. House sneak preview enables the change of the position of three houses. Hotel sneak preview enables to change the position of three hotels.