How to Safely Play Poker Online

Having personal information made public is an online poker player’s worst nightmare, especially these days that there tons of news about a group of hackers stealing identities, and having access to databases of credit card numbers. Some players stop playing for these reasons, hence asking if it’s still safe to play poker online. Though 100% entirely safe and secure couldn’t be possible, an online gambler should be knowledgeable enough to prevent himself from falling into scams.

These are a few tips to stay safe while you’re enjoying your leisure time with online poker.

Know the Operators 

Before trusting all of your personal information (and money), make it a point to check the site you are playing. Review the site’s background, offers’ legitimacy, and has a lot of useful review from recognized players. Their reports, though, wouldn’t guarantee that much safety or security, but it would give you a head-start as to where you should invest or play. Thus, play at a trusted site such as Qqpoker.

Check feedbacks that answer questions such as players’ response to the services that the site offers, payment sent on time, and if privacy policies adequately implemented. All these feedbacks are very crucial as it promotes safety to customers.

Mode of Payment 

Playing online poker does require financial transactions, that using a simple username and password is not enough to ensure proper security. Of course, trusted gambling operators like Qqpoker would look and ask for your copies of government-issued identity card, driver’s license, or even passport. These help in protecting your funds. That is why be knowledgeable about who to trust your funds, so it won’t be a waste, as well as not to have your identity stolen.

Make sure your chosen site is safe before paying. Most modes of payments used are:

  • Credit cards
  • eWallets
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies; and
  • BankWire

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Hi-Tech Encryption 

Sites are using high-technology encryption that does not allow anyone to enter unless an online poker with acknowledged username and password. It might make you feel safe and secure; surprisingly, some gamblers are not considering this. Most operators improved their encryption methods significantly over the years. A company that uses the most effective encryption software is something you should trust.  Also, using a different password from any of your accounts could help you big too. 


Play safe, play smart. Remain safe by refraining yourself from playing on unlimited sites. Qqpoker allows you to make a secure account and get benefits afterward. Choose a game you’re confident with because of its number of players. Note that it is the best option for saving money and time. After all, what is essential is your high assurance that you have chosen the best online poker site which offers a guarantee that your funds and identity will remain safe.