Beginner’s Guide to Online Casino Games

If you’re new in the world of online gambling, online casino games would be one of your training grounds. There’s a huge range of choices an online casino can offer, some of these will be a bit confusing and daunting. But don’t worry, this beginner’s guide will help you to get started.

If you’re a newbie and have not played any online games before, please put in my mind that not all online casinos out there are made equally. Some of them are a fraud and will take advantage of you, and others will only fool you.

That’s why it’s important for you to learn and recognize the basic information before you jump in any game you found on the internet.

So to start, let’s dive in on how online casino games are working.

How Does Online Casino Work?

Online casinos require you to download their casino software and install it in your pc or desktop. Downloads are quick, and usually, the size of the software is around 5mb. Some online casinos don’t require downloads or installations, you just need to visit their site in order for you to play. You need to create an account together with your payment details, and you’re good to go.


Types of Online Casino Games

Slots – slot machines at online casinos are working exactly the same in the slot machine in the real world. Place a bet and pull the virtual lever, then some drums will spin around. When it stops, the images will line up. The prize will be determined according to the image combination that you get after you spin. But what’s more exciting about playing this game online, is that the jackpot can insanely reach up to millions.

Video Poker – the goal of this game is to gather the most powerful poker hand. You need to place a bet and the machine deals you with five cards. If you like the look of the cards, press the button under them to hold, and that will be your final card.

Blackjack – the goal of this game is to draw playing cards that have the same or close to the value of 21. Royal cards are worth 10, ace cards are worth 11 or 1. You can get extra cards for two or more until you decide to bust and decide to stick with the card.

Roulette – it is known for the title of “King of Casino Games”. You’ll win this game out of luck or pure chance. You need to place a bet on whatever you think will come up.

Craps – you need to roll a pair of dice trying to make a hit of 7 or 11 to win. Your opponents will place a bet if you’ll succeed or not.

Baccarat – the goal of this game is to draw a card hand whose value is the same or close to 9. If the two cards value is 10 and higher, then the first digit will be ignored. Place the bet on whom you think will win, either you or the dealer.

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