4 Great Formula Of Online Betting

The most popular game played on the most of the online casinos or คาสิโนออนไลน์ เครดิตฟรี is GTRALLBET online casinos.  ทดลองเล่นคาสิโนออนไลน์ ฟรี today! Games are similar to bounce. Many people call it bog bounce inter and it comes with a form of betting that is easy to understand. Let’s check out the best trends of online casino games these days.

1. Dragon card formula

The formula is called Dragon cards. Let us wait for the same cards to be repeated 3 times in succession from the Banker. Then we will be able to bet on the Banker because there are many chances that will repeat continuously until the statistics table will be arranged like a dragon’s tail.  That is the origin of the name of the dragon card formula.

2. Formula of table tennis cards

Formulas for us to wait out from 3 or more turns, such as Banker and Player, then Banker and Player, and again Banker and Player. When alternating 3 times, the table tennis formula will begin. Then we should bet alternately.

3. Play Baccarat Betting Formula

Let us start betting at 50 baht. In case we lose, we should place a bet at 100. If we lose again, we should place a bet at 200. Keep doing this until you get the chance of winning. When winning bets Let us bet back at 50 as before. This method is the most popular. Because there is almost no chance of losing money. However, it requires a lot of funds. It is a basic formula that should always be carried on.

 4. Baccarat Play Formula Stabbed To Win 2 Consecutive Times

This formula looks a bit complicated. But it helps to reduce the chance of losing a lot. We need to bet to win 2 consecutive times in this format. Bet at 50 baht. If winning in this eye, bet at 100 baht. If we win, let’s return to bet at 50 as before. In these 2 rounds, we will receive prize money of 150 baht. Place bets at 50 baht until you bet right. In summary, when we lose, we lose only 50 baht per bet. If you lose 3 games and win only 2 games, you are still at stake. Walking out with money like this will greatly reduce the chance of losing. This formula is very easy to follow. It doesn’t require a lot of funds. It’s Suitable for new players in Baccarat.